As the Dawn breaks

There is something really special about waiting and watching the dawn of a new day break.  When you still your inner self, the experience of watching the dawn break can be awe inspiring and leave you with a sense of wonder.

Be Rejuvenated and Inspired

Mother nature commands our surroundings in such a way that I am continually blown away.  I love to get out with my camera and soak in my surroundings, especially with nature, the trees, mountains and water.  When I am surrounded by any of these elements I am empowered, rejuvenated and inspired.  To become one with nature is to totally immerse yourself and put aside any inhibitions and wait on mother nature to reveal her presence.

Be in the Present

It's a great time to reflect, that is!  When I still myself and actually be in the present.  Sometimes it can be hard to get rid of the chatter that can constantly go on within.  We all live busy lifes and we live in a fast paced world, we have that agenda to do, meetings to attend, get the kids to sports or school.  Whatever it may be it still commands your attention in some way or another.  It certainly is something you have to work at, 'to still yourself' within your surroundings and 'be in the present'.

Quiet your mind and your Soul will speak

See Beyond what You See

I find getting my nature fix nurturing and has helped me on my creative journey.  It empowers me to 'see beyond what I see'.  It certainly shows in my work when this occurs.  Some images are just that a photo of what was there at the time, and there are others that have 'body, emotion and presence'.  Yes of course there's all that technical stuff, but I am talking about beyond that, and without it ... it's just a nice photo. I am not talking about how we become attached to our images/creations. No thats a different thing altogether.  When you can start to see beyond what you see, is when you learn to see with your inner self what I refer to as my soul.  Some never achieve this, and some get to different degrees of it... It's not for me to say 'you haven't achieved it', only you will know and it certainly will show in your images, and as you nuture it, it becomes a part of your style because its a innate part of you.

I see with the Eyes of my Soul

Find You

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and its important 'to find you' within and on your creative journey.  Find what inspires and rejuvenates you.  It maybe running, walking, snorkelling, or even writing, reading, watching movies, or maybe music it can be a host of things. But find it because that will help you to 'Find You'.  As an artist we work with different, mediums, likes and dislikes, aspirations, goals, failures, blocks, expectations, the list is endless.  Yes its important to find your niche but some of us maybe working in that niche and not even know it and that could be because we haven't really found ourselves.  Food for thought hey... 

Its Your Journey

What ever it is, that you do, in the creative arena, enjoy it, take the highs with the lows, its all part of the journey, find the gems along the way.  Throughout all this is growth. If you stumble! Pick yourself up! Keep moving forward! Celebrate your achievements! Keep learning and most of all 'Pass it On'.  

As the 'Dawn Breaks over the horizon. Take deep breathes and be 'in the present'.


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Quiet your mind, and your Soul will speak