Just Breathe

'Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past'

As 2017 comes to a close and we move closer to the dawn of 2018 I reflect on my creative journey for the year.

One of my aims for 2017 was to enter competitions in order to challenge and extend myself, so it was very fitting when in February I was awarded Australian Photographer of the Year 2016-Nature runner-up with a portfolio  and also awarded Landscape category-Merit.   I also entered and I was awarded in the Perth Royal show-Open Colour category-1st and 2nd, Mono category-3rd, and Creative category-Merit, and rounding the year up with being awarded 2nd by Travel Photographer Society with the exhibition to take place in April 2018.  This may not be a major feat for some, however I am extremely happy with my competition outcomes for this years entries.

Throughout the year I pushed myself creatively to try different methods and mediums within digital artistry, although I did a lot of work in this area, I did not present much work beyond my own digital palette.  However I did have several pieces published in Fine Art magazines alongside many other talented worldwide digital artists. 

Yet I still find myself doubting my own ability, I don't walk to anyone else's tune, but I do 'stand in my own way'.  This is the year for me to 'move aside' and allow my creativity, my inner soul to lead the way.

This year I also tried macro for the first time and I must say I now know why people love it so much, I saw the world from a different perspective and the minute detail that can so easily be overlooked, in this fast paced and ever evolving world we live in.

I also concentrated a little more on portrait and fashion shoots, and thoroughly enjoyed the concepts and ideas of working with and alongside many very talented artists.  

There is so much to learn 'where do I start' as I continue on my journey I am constantly learning, continually pushing myself, always looking for answers and different perspectives as I craft my artistic abilities and find my own rhythm.  I endeavour to explore wider and deeper to touch base with my inner soul, which is the eye of my creativity.

This year has also seen me face many hurdles outside of my creative arena.  My creativity is my solace and on numerous occasions has given me the strength and gems to focus on what lies ahead and beyond the present.   

So to round up I have put together a few images that reflect a snippet of my journey for this year.  As the saying goes 'A picture speaks a Thousand words'...