My Soul is Thirsty

'A blog' well this is a new experience for me, new kid on the block so to speak... 

Of late I have been in transit for 3-4 months and have felt like I've been in a huge drought... My Soul is so Thirsty... Parched and Unattended... I feel like I've abandoned my muse.  Yet on the other hand I am bursting at the seams to create and get back into the visual rhythm.

As I prepare to move into another chapter and onto unspoken journeys on the horizon, may the flood gates open and my creativity return afresh, rejuvenated with new vision and fire.

May seem rather strange that I have selected this image, however this is the outcome that I envision.

'my thirst to be quenched and my creativity rejuvenated with vision and fire'.

Trish_Edwards_0L4A5218 edit 4.jpg