My Journey has endless possibilities, and the Story goes beyond What You See.

My Journey has endless possibilities, and the Story goes beyond What You See.

About ME

Artists Bio:

My Fine Art Photography has developed over time capturing moments and the essence of time, enabling the viewer to embark on a journey, beyond the image.  This journey has also enabled me to explore beyond reality using many different creative techniques and the medium of Digital Artistry to create a story, or evoke and emotion.

Born in a small country district in New Zealand is what I owe my love for nature, trees, mountains, rivers and streams, vast landscapes, the seaside, white sands and rocky shores.


Artists Statement:

I am inspired by the world around me, by mother nature, textures, light and shadows.  I use my camera to capture what my eyes see, which is reflected and can be viewed in my 'Fine Art Photography'.  I love pushing beyond this into the creative arena and use many tools of the trade to manipulate and transform images into what my creative mind sees, taking them into the realm of fantasy, whimsical and or dark moody images which is reflected in my 'Digital Artistry'.  

I endeavour to tell a story using both mediums to take the viewer on a journey beyond the image.

My work varies in style and has been said to be dark, moody, light and surreal.  Some pieces are said to be challenging, confronting, invoking hidden emotions, healing and empowering, giving solitude, serenity and curiosity.

I love to travel and explore, to immerse myself in my surroundings and enjoy capturing the moments and stories to share.